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What is Internship? 

If you are looking for a program that is focused on ministry, you should consider being a summer Intern.  During Internship you will get to connect with God, like no other time in your life. Time is taken each day for you to concentrate on your spiritual life so that God can reveal His plan for your future. River Pointe Internship gives direction while teaching passion and servant-hood during our summer camps.


Who is it for?

Internship is available for seniors in high school to seniors in college. Students that are currently involved in their youth group, preferably with a goal to be part of ministry.



Internship begins June 30th and ends July 27, 2019.

Each intern commits to staying the entire duration of Internship. There will be no leaving the campground unless approved by the directors.



It is each student’s individual responsibility to get transportation to and from camp. Once Internship begins, transportation will be provided by River Pointe.


Pre-Registration for Internship is $300, and is due by June 1st.

Registration for Internship is $350, and can be paid until Internship begins.

Cost Breakdown

Food/Snack Shack Credit/T-shirts/Teaching Materials/Activities.

How much extra money will I need?

We recommend that a student bring $75-$100 extra dollars for any additional expenses that occur during the month. 


Food Accommodations

Any time camp is not in session, you will be furnished a meal, except some weekends when we are off the grounds. You will also be given a snack shack credit of $50 for the month.


Housing Accommodations

Interns will stay in a boys/girls dorm room with each other. The dorms are equipped with bunk beds and have air conditioning. There are restrooms located inside each dorm house.

Forms & Information

Intern Information
Intern Application
Reference Form
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